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Embark on a transformative journey where spirituality and business converge, unlocking a new realm of possibilities for your personal and professional growth. At Elevated Human Experience, we're not just building a community; we're fostering a movement towards living a life by design, filled with abundance, purpose, and prosperity.

The journey to elevating your human experience is as unique as you are. Beyond joining our community and engaging in our programs, we offer a wealth of resources, workshops, and events designed to support your continuous growth and development.


"My Success is Growing"

"Wow! What a journey! I am truly amazed at how much my outlook on life has changed. There was a time where I thought I wasn't able to make changes and be happier in my every day life. I thought that I just wasn't that type of person. What I've learned from Yun and Matt is that it's all quite simple! They have lead the way while still allowing me to make the changes at my pace. I am forever grateful! I feel free, happy and in control of my life. I look at things very differently now and I am so happy I made the leap to come on this journey. I have learned so many tools that I can utilize forever in all aspects of my life. My success is growing, my relationships are growing and I am continuously growing into a better me! I can't thank Yun and Matt enough for guiding me to a better life!"

- Kara D.

"The Best Investment I Have Ever Done For Myself"

"I had been on a personal growth journey for awhile before I joined Thinking into Result and this community. I understood the concepts taught and did grow about however I never fully invested or was where I wanted to be.

It wasn't until I fully invested and committed to the program and with the help of Matt ,Yun and the community I have had leaps this past year that I could of only dreamed of prior.

My environment is different, my thoughts and goals are different.

This isn't a class you "complete" and you are done. These are tools that help you grow for the rest of your life.

THIS IS THE BEST INVESTMENT I HAVE EVER DONE FOR MYSELF. I am forever grateful for this journey and love this community that I get to grow with."

- Lynda S.

"The Biggest Miracle in My Life"

The Elevated Human Experience has been the biggest miracle in my life. Studying “Thinking into Results” with this group has cultivated me into a journey of self-love. Before starting this program, I felt lost and a sense of hopelessness. Little did I know that the power of my mind and the environment that I create is a direct reflection of me. Yun and Matt are my God sent angels and the wisdom I’ve received from them is worth all the gold on this planet. I always hard time connecting with people, but with this group it was instant! This is the best decision I’ve ever made. The learning and self-studies does not stop once you are the done the program, it will continue to expand and evolve for infinity! This community is a family, and the abundance of love is right there for you to come experience right alongside us.

- Marc D.

"Changed My Life So Much"

"If I did not go through this program/coaching experience I would still be sad, stressed, and completely unfulfilled. This program has changed my life so much that I look forward to helping others elevate and gain back their true selves- Enabling love in all forms, wealth and abundance all possible! I’m beyond grateful for Yun and her Elevated Human Experience because that’s what it is. There is no gift in the world like waking up so excited to start the day."

- Nicole J.


The mission of Elevated Human Experience is to raise human consciousness by helping people discover their infinite potential. To help others live out their purpose and better understand energy and paradigms, ultimately leading to universal truths; that in this life, there is unlimited abundance and dutiful faith towards living a life by design.


At Elevated Human Experience, we envision a world where business and spirituality merge, empowering individuals to create and brand their own enterprises as a journey towards self-realization. Our vision is to inspire a community where discovering and embracing one's true gifts is central to success. Through this journey, each person learns who they are and what they can be, expressing themselves fully and authentically. We believe in a future where such personal and entrepreneurial explorations lead to a life of abundance, purpose, and a deeper understanding of the self, contributing to a global culture of infinite potential, positivity, and collective prosperity.



At the heart of Elevated Human Experience stand its co-founders, Yun and Matt, a dynamic duo dedicated to empowering individuals to unlock their infinite potential and carve out lives of prosperity, purpose, and passion.

Yun Rhee, the visionary founder and CEO, is a beacon of positivity and boundless energy. As the Chief Empowering Officer & Energy Expert, Yun leverages her extensive background in real estate investment, business management, and sales to guide individuals towards unparalleled success. A certified Proctor Gallagher Consultant, TMX Verified TV Expert, and captivating speaker, she possesses deep insights into the innate capabilities of individuals, nurturing an understanding that fosters personal and professional growth. Yun's commitment extends beyond her professional endeavors; she is a devoted mother and wife, residing in Massachusetts, dedicated to uplifting humanity through her expertise.

Matt Swierk, embodies leadership, ambition, and boldness. Leading with heart, confidence, and humility, Matt is passionate about helping others realize their boundless potential. His journey as a self-reliant, intentional creator has seen him founding and operating multiple businesses, showcasing his strengths in team building, operations, and management. Notably, his achievements in the real estate industry, including the prestigious “Rookie of the Year Award” by the Northeast Association of Realtors in 2019, underscore his remarkable talent and dedication. Matt's personal evolution and ability to foster significant change in others' lives are grounded in integrity, willpower, and a clear vision for the future. A fun-loving, brilliant, and wise family man, Matt cherishes his role as a husband to Yun and father to their two beautiful daughters, Yuri and Yuna.

Together, Yun and Matt form an unstoppable force, guiding Elevated Human Experience to new heights. Their collective expertise, complemented by a shared commitment to service and empowerment, creates a foundation for a community where every individual is inspired to explore their divine gifts and lead a life by design.

Join us on this journey of transformation and elevate your human experience with Yun and Matt's visionary leadership.

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Human Experience?

Embark on a transformative journey where spirituality and business converge, unlocking a new realm of possibilities for your personal and professional growth. At Elevated Human Experience, we're not just building a community; we're fostering a movement towards living a life by design, filled with abundance, purpose, and prosperity.

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Dive deep into a vibrant, supportive network of like-minded individuals all committed to elevating their consciousness and achieving unparalleled success. Together, we explore the infinite potential within each of us, sharing insights and empowering each other to live our truths.

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Our diverse range of programs is crafted to meet you where you are on your journey. Whether you're looking to intertwine your spiritual practices with your business endeavors, or you're searching for the key to unlocking your personal prosperity, our programs offer the tools, knowledge, and support necessary to propel you forward.

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For those seeking a more personalized approach, our one-on-one coaching provides bespoke guidance to help you navigate your unique path. Our expert coaches work with you to uncover your divine gifts, align your purpose with your business, and manifest a life of abundance.

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