Yun Rhee: Founder & Coach at

Elevated Human Experience

Founder and CEO of The Elevated Human Experience and Overflow Mastermind Group, Yun Rhee is a gifted and unique powerhouse of positivity and high-yielding energy. Her insight and tools activate and amplify one’s Truth. She is a Coach’s Coach and a Leader’s Leader, shining her insights into each client as they come to understand the unlimited potential and gifts that they are born with.

She is passionate about coaching and uplifting others, leading people around the globe to create the life of their dreams.
Abundance, wealth, and other personalized definitions of success are quickly attained in the lives of those who have worked alongside Yun.

She is a real estate investor with expertise in private ventures and commercial investing, and has owned and operated multiple businesses. She has vast knowledge in sales, recruiting, and training however she specializes in coaching top performers. Her work within the Matrix Success Network facilitated her becoming a leading edge Consultant for Proctor Gallagher Institute. She is also a dynamic, illuminated and engaging speaker as well as a powerfully aligned energy healer.

A mother of two beautiful daughters, Yuri and Yuna, Yun resides in Massachusetts with her husband and business partner, Matthew Swierk. She is completely dedicated to using her talents to impact humanity for the highest good, and future generations.

Meet Matt

Matt Swierk: Co-Founder & Coach at

Elevated Human Experience

Matt personifies leadership, ambition, drive, and above all else, Boldness. He leads from his heart with confidence and assuredness. He is completely dedicated to helping others understand their infinite potential. He exemplifies sincerity, encouragement, and humility. His earnest and calming demeanor when coaching clients leads to significant changes in their lives.

Matt’s ability to impact others for the better, due to the cornerstone of trust he establishes, is truly astounding. A self-reliant, intentional creator from the earliest stages of his life, Matt is a remarkably talented and gifted professional.

He has founded, owned, and operated multiple businesses both autonomously and in conjunction with his wife and business partner, Yun Rhee. He has received numerous professional accolades, top recognition, and multiple awards of achievement. Team building, operations development and Management are amongst his greatest strengths. However, his fast-tracked expertise and grasp of the real estate industry led to his becoming the recipient of the “Rookie of the Year Award” / Northeast Association of Realtors in 2019. This award was granted during the height of the competitive, historically challenging real estate market at the time. 

Matt’s personal evolution is continuously flourishing due to his ability to motivate himself. His integrity, unwavering willpower, and decisiveness as to who he is and what his future holds are the foundation of his exceptional relationships and partnerships.  Matt’s ability to mentor, guide and facilitate change for the better has grown exponentially in recent years.  Matt is fun-loving, brilliant, and wise beyond his years. A devoted, loving, and dedicated family man, he is husband to Yun and father to two beautiful daughters, Yuri and Yuna. He works with clients both locally and nationally and resides in Massachusetts. 

Meet Christine

Christine DiBella: Lead Customer Solutions Curator & Coach

Elevated Human Experience

Christine DiBella is an Energy Healer and Spiritual Advisor who has worked in the spiritual and metaphysical realms for over twenty years. She is powerfully intuitive and highly gifted, working in multiple healing modalities. She has magnetic energy and an exceptional talent for guiding others into understanding and utilizing their gifts and personal power. 

A born leader, her vibrance, intellect, and sense of humor are all-encompassing. She has a sophisticated ability to connect to the light within others, prompting truth on a deeply soulful level.  She is enthusiastic, wise, and understanding, as well as straightforward, confident, and empowering.    

Her career path has morphed and shifted over the years in which she has acquired an aptitude for business excellence. Commencing with sales in the telecommunications industry on a national level for a decade, she was a top producer. She then served the elderly and developmentally disabled populations for over 20 years as a property manager. An award-winning professional in real estate management on a local and national level, her expertise and passion for affordable housing were palpable.

In addition, she has a genuine love for people resulting in extraordinary and gratifying relationships. She has led and served on several boards for non-profit organizations connected to her personal and professional interests.

Christine acknowledges and credits the Thinking into Results curriculum and the Overflow Mastermind Group as “The most comprehensive guide to understanding abundance as our birthright” and “The keys to mastering the mysteries within our Universal Laws.” She collaborates within The Elevated Human Experience, serving in many capacities. She is a dedicated, devoted wife and Mother and loves spending time outdoors.

She was born in White Sands, New Mexico, was raised in Quincy, Massachusetts, and now resides in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. 

Meet Nicole

Nicole Johnson:

Lead Customer Solutions Curator & Coach

Elevated Human Experience

“Once I discovered the ability to manifest things in my life, I couldn’t wait to share it with others.” -Nicole Johnson

Nicole is a born leader. A longtime licensed realtor in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, she’s also a team operations consultant, principal of “Ruby Slippers Feng Shui, LLC,” a graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in business and marketing, and previously worked in Arizona’s entertainment industry, selling commercial airtime for radio and television. Above all, both on and off the clock, Nicole is a fun and loyal FRIEND. After a decades-long journey of vision boarding, self-affirmations and learning from the best personal life coaches, Nicole is ready to give back: “I believe in having a great attitude no matter what, because what we believe, we CAN receive.”

With a passion to work directly with people, but missing the ocean, Nicole moved back to her native Boston area in 2004 to join her parents’ real estate team. Real Estate is in her blood and she has successfully been in the business for almost 20 years, buying, selling and flipping properties, negotiating new construction projects, and managing and recruiting hundreds of real estate professionals, becoming one of the leading recruiters in New England.

Nicole shifted gears in 2022, when she graduated from the six-month TIR program and joined the Elevated Human Experience Community. If was from there Nicole realized her true calling was to be a life coach. She discovered that building relationships and connecting people has always been a passion of hers, and is grateful she finally has a platform where she can help improve human consciousness one soul at a time; making the planet, and our world, a happier place. She is excited to merge this experience, together with the knowledge she’s gained from TIR, to create the ultimate coaching program.

“We were born to conform, and this mindset is what holds many people back from achieving their dreams. The universe’s biggest gift to us is our untapped natural talents; our biggest gift to it (and ourselves) is to develop those gifts as much as we can.” This is what Nicole is all about: energy grows where energy flows. She only wishes she knew this secret (and how to use it!) years ago. But it’s never too late. Helping people improve their business and personal lives is what Nicole lives for, and she is grateful to be a part of the Elevated Human Experience community. 

And how does Nicole stay cosmically connected? Many ways, but a few favorites: 🔹Numerology 🔹Astrology 🔹Energy work Her favorite modality is her Tong Ren tapping doll.🧘


Meet Ashley

Ashley Lucente:

Director of Marketing

As Director of Marketing at Elevated Human Experience, Ashley Lucente helps bring the company's vision to the world through her work in the creative department with photography, videography, and graphic design. She is a skilled visual artist who brings the company vision and mission to life. Ashley has a background in Professional Photography and Communications Media from Fitchburg State University, and has owned her own portrait photography business since 2011. 

Throughout the years, Ashley has developed strong leadership and customer service skills. In her role at Elevated Human Experience, Ashley is able to use her creativity and passion to help the company achieve its goals. Ashley is passionate about providing excellent customer care and support. She takes pride in ensuring that our clients receive the best possible service and is always ready to lend a helping hand, as she truly cares about our clients' satisfaction.

She is a firm believer in discovering your passion, and that if you're having fun, you won’t work a day in your life. That’s what life is all about! She’s a collaborative team member who is passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of others. 

Ashley was born and raised in Massachusetts, and she loves it there. In New England, you get to experience all types of weather, and it's truly beautiful! During the summer months, Ashley enjoys spending time with her family, going fishing, and indulging in her passion

for cars.

Meet Tyler

Tyler McMillan:

Director of Media & Content

Tyler McMillan is the Director of Media and Content For The Elevated Human Experience. Tyler has been a Massachusetts native throughout his life, growing up in Ayer, Massachusetts, and eventually moving to his current city of Lowell, MA. 

Tyler leverages his ability and passion for breaking industry norms and supplanting boring/unoriginal content with exciting, engaging, and groundbreaking media. Tyler’s vision ultimately helps Elevated Human Experience cultivate new products and offerings focused on spreading powerful messages and courses through enjoyable content strategies. 

Tyler’s professional journey began in college at The University of Massachusetts Lowell, where he worked towards a degree in music. While attending university, Tyler learned about quantitative and qualitative data analysis and other skills after he was selected as an emerging scholar research assistant for his professor.

After graduating, he began teaching and loved the opportunity to share his knowledge with others; however, he had larger ambitions in mind. So he made the risky decision to quit his master's program to pursue a career in real estate, earning his license two months after dropping out. 

After witnessing a need for more technology and innovation in the real estate industry, Tyler founded his white-label marketing agency and joined forces with Legacy Star With Keller Williams. This began his partnership with Matt Swierk and Yun Rhee, which lives on with the creation of The Elevated Human Experience. 

In his spare time, Tyler enjoys Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Hockey, and spending time with his wife Martha and their dog Leira. In addition, Tyler is an active landlord and real estate investor and enjoys creating affordable and quality housing opportunities. 

Meet Chelsleigh

Chelsleigh Gomez:

Client Success Strategist

Chelsleigh works with the Elevated Human Experience community as the Client Success Strategist.  Together we will cultivate a community experience where clients can seek the support they need in their journey.  We will provide tools and resources at the request of each client to supplement the TIR content clients implement in their daily lives. Most importantly, Chelsleigh is pleased to serve as a personal concierge for each client to help elevate them to their goals they wish to achieve in their interpersonal, professional, and extracurricular lives. Her main tools to drive this mission for our clients include the power of positivity, self-love, support, compassion, intellect, and experience.  

Chelsleigh has a Bachelorette in Nursing and has worked as a Registered Nurse for about three years. She is the mother of two beautiful children, her son Keaton Junior and her daughter Nahla. She has been fortunate to be in a relationship with a loving man for about seven years, and they continue to learn and love more about each other. She loves yoga, meditation, gardening, hiking, kayaking, traveling, and other outdoor activities! She is working towards her goal of opening up a yoga retreat in a mountainous paradise surrounded by nature and utilizing her knowledge and experience as a nurse as credibility, along with the life-long lessons taught by Matt and Yun in their Thinking Into Results program. These invaluable concepts have helped shape her life into more of what she wants by realizing the power within each of us is limitless. 




Aia is a dynamic and creative individual who thrives on adventure and loves pushing boundaries. With a passion for digital marketing, Aia has a knack for crafting imaginative and out-of-the-box marketing campaigns that capture attention and inspire audiences. With boundless curiosity and a love for the unknown, Aia is poised to conquer new heights and take the world of digital marketing by storm.


Virtual Assistant


Virtual Assistant

Sheila is a highly organized and detail-oriented professional providing administrative support and managing tasks remotely as a Virtual Assistant. Sheila specializes in scheduling, email management, data entry, social media management, journal making and more! She has a proven track record of delivering results and prides herself on her excellent communication skills and ability to work efficiently and independently.

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